Tea to a Flame

Tap Into You!

Handcrafted Candles & Teas

Everyone needs a good self care routine. We believe your routine should be carefully curated to your specific needs. Your senses play a vital role in achieving  those needs. Our candles and teas are meant to stimulate your senses with all natural ingredients.

Handcrafted Candles

Coco Soy Wax & Wooden Wicked

Quality Teas

Delicately Blended

Make it a Set!

Each candle has a matching tea


Every candle comes complete with its very own mantra located on the inside of the lid. Mantras are most commonly used during meditation but they also help with keeping the mind focused on a specific task/feeling.

Amanda Mariano
☑️ Verified Buyer
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This tea is a perfect pick me up! I felts so energized whenever I had a cup! Not to mention it tastes fantastic! It tastes soooo good that I had 3-4 cups a day.... needless to say I'm out. Def worth a try!
☑️ Verified Buyer
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This combo was heaven sent! This Rose scent is so delicate with a beautiful throw! Packaging is easy 10/10! So aesthetically pleasing and luxurious! Oh and the wooden wick crackles, creating the feel of a night by the fire pit listening to old school jazz! Create the ambiance! This Rose Tea is delicious! The pineapple and coconut flavors take you away…. lol I’m in love! Also add some cream and sugar to this Rose tea and be blown away!
Emeka Emmanuel Nwadiashi
☑️ Verified Buyer
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Great product, Helps me relax. My girlfriend also loves it. smells amazing, fills the room and burns great. I am more relaxed than I’ve ever been. It also helps set a mood after a long day of work.
Marie Loua
☑️ Verified Buyer
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I love the packaging! My every morning go to tea✨✨✨
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